EGIS Staffing is a new company focused on the growing sector of warehousing and distribution where labour requirements fluctuate regularly and shift work is common.

We provide employees who are hard-working, competent and knowledgeable enough to work effectively without supervision.

We emphasise reliability of staff rather than number of bodies and appreciate quality organizations require quality employees quickly developing to full time, long-term solutions.

How we are different

Time Tracking

EGIS uses a web based, GPS and photo verified time record system so your supervisors are not distracted with confusing and incomplete manual time cards.


EGIS can provide detailed drill – down reports on accumulated labour costs searchable by employee, group, activity or location.

Reliable staff

EGIS understands one good employee can be more productive than 3 poor ones. EGIS can provide employees trained in fork-lift operation, 1st aid and complex fulfillment operations to be valuable members of your team.


EGIS supervisors have particular expertise in recycling and waste operations, facilities management and material handling solutions. Our supervisors invariably identify significant savings for our clients and will help implement them.

EGIS Staffing will solve workforce problems, NOT add to them!

Please call 604-725-4373 or email info@egisstaffing.com to learn how we can help.